on the road.

today, i'm homeward bound. i got word from my dad this afternoon that a storm's a-brewin'. so alas, i threw my stuff in the car and hit to road. since the drive is just shy of six hours i will likely be unable make a real post today. so i stopped real quick to show the blog a little bit of love from my iPhone. please forgive me and i will be sure to redeem myself tomorrow...


new thanksgiving challenge.

syllipsi, the disposable cameras have yet to arrive so we are going to postpone that challenge until after thanksgiving. but we have come up with a new challenge for the week: GIVE THANKS!

a few questions to get your creative juices flowing: what does thanksgiving mean to you? what sort of things or people or moments come to mind? what are you thankful for? what does it mean to be grateful?

i can't wait to see what your thanksgiving was all about! see you soon. blessings, - j.


the thanksgiving photo challenge.

so the thanksgiving photo challenge is...to shoot a roll of film with a B&W DISPOSABLE CAMERA. that's right...see what you can do with no ability to focus, set apertures and shutter speeds, see a preview of your photo or edit them in photoshop. you got 27 exposures and a flash....ready go.

SO, here's the thing the first 20 people to e-mail me (jshipley@westmont.edu) get one FREE!!!! hurry up and send me your MS# and we will slip one in your mailbox.

so, everyone is responsible for developing his or her film and submitting a photo cd to us (you can ask the lab to do this for you). you have till the week after Thanksgiving to get the disc to us. more details to come on that process once we get back. go it? aiight ya'll, see you around!

vintage photos.

for those of you who made it to VINTAGE, thanks for coming. it was such an enjoyable time. so alas, here are this weeks three favorite VINTAGE photographs by Jeff Shipley, Justin Joffer & Evan Pollard respectively.



this week's syllipsi event is going to be schweet. it's theme is: VINTAGE.

[Wednesday, November 14th. 7:30 pm. Art Center Lower Classroom.]

first on the agenda: a history of photography. we have invited Westmont's own Art History professor, Dr. Lisa DeBoer, to come give a short history of photography. This should be a real treat and will inform us about the past of our art form and some of the complexities surrounding its development and progression. This talk should also invite some interesting discussion afterwards. Please join us! Don't miss it.

second: we will look at submissions from this week's mini-photo friday. since it short notice: we are going to a "syllipsi portfolio submission". so file through your photos and submit three favorite VINTAGE photographs. that could mean many things: something that is actually vintage, a black and white photo, perhaps a vintage someone for that matter. go it?

third: the big reveal of the thanksgiving photo challenge. the first 40 people to arrive will get a free...vintage something.
(you will have to come to find out. haha. and you will not be disappointed.)

fourth: we will eat something um, vintage. not sure that that will look like yet, but we will see what we can come up with. aiight?